A list of some of our most recent published papers:


Multilevel dynamic adjustments of geckos (Hemidactylus frenatus) climbing vertically: head-up versus head-down
Schultz, J. T., Labonte, D., & Clemente, C. J.
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(201), 20220840

Influence of internal muscle properties on muscle shape change and gearing in the human gastrocnemii. 

Kelp, N.Y., Clemente, C.J., Tucker, K., Hug, F., Pinel, S. and Dick, T.J., 

Journal of Applied Physiology134(6), pp.1520-1529.

The influence of claw morphology on gripping efficiency.

Turnbull, G., Chari, S., Li, Z., Yang, Z., Alam, C.M., Clemente, C.J. and Alam, P., 

Biology open12(5).

How scaling approaches can reveal fundamental principles in physiology and biomechanics. 

Clemente, C.J. and Dick, T.J., 

Journal of Experimental Biology226(7), p.jeb245310.

Resting disparity in quoll semelparity: examining the sex-linked behaviours of wild roaming northern quolls (Dasyurus hallucatus) during breeding season
JL Gaschk, K Del Simone, RS Wilson, CJ Clemente
Royal Society Open Science 10 (2), 221180


Classifying relationships that define interactions between native and invasive species in Australian ecosystems
JL Gaschk, CJ Clemente
Australian Journal of Zoology 70 (1), 22-35

Exploring the limits to turning performance with size and shape variation in dogs
T Haagensen, JL Gaschk, JT Schultz, CJ Clemente
Journal of Experimental Biology 225 (21), jeb244435

Understanding Australia’s unique hopping species: a comparative review of the musculoskeletal system and locomotor biomechanics in Macropodoidea
LH Thornton, TJM Dick, MB Bennett, CJ Clemente
Australian Journal of Zoology

Scaling of fibre area and fibre glycogen concentration in the hindlimb musculature of monitor lizards: Implications for locomotor performance with increasing body size
RL Cieri, TJM Dick, JS Morris, CJ Clemente
Journal of Experimental Biology 225 (Suppl_1), jeb243380

A bio-inspired robotic climbing robot to understand kinematic and morphological determinants for an optimal climbing gait
H Beck, JT Schultz, CJ Clemente
Bioinspiration & biomimetics

Tail base deflection but not tail curvature varies with speed in lizards: results from an automated tracking analysis pipeline
JT Schultz, RL Cieri, T Proost, R Pilai, M Hodgson, F Plum, CJ Clemente
Integrative and Comparative Biology 61 (5), 1769-1782


Quantifying finer-scale behaviours using self-organising maps (SOMs) to link accelerometery signatures with behavioural patterns in free-roaming terrestrial animals
N Galea, F Murphy, JL Gaschk, DS Schoeman, CJ Clemente
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-10

Ground reaction forces and muscle allometry in monitor lizards (Varanidae) with implications for the scaling of locomotion in sprawling tetrapods
R Cieri, C Clemente, T Dick
The FASEB journal 35

Morphological and performance modifications in the world’s only marine lizard, the Galápagos marine iguana, Amblyrhynchus cristatus
KA Berry, JP Muñoz-Pérez, CP Vintimilla-Palacios, CJ Clemente
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 133 (1), 68-80

Using a biologically mimicking climbing robot to explore the performance landscape of climbing in lizards
JT Schultz, HK Beck, T Haagensen, T Proost, CJ Clemente
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1947), 20202576


Browse through a few of the posters that have emerged from members of the lab for different occasions and conferences:


Many talks remain in the memories of conference attendees only as amazing and informative live performances, but some have been recorded and published online, and we are happy to share them here with you.

3MT thesis entry from J.T.S. This was a recorded submission during the heights of Covid-19 and won the University’s competition.

A 1h invited talk about how DeepLabCut has been used for J.T.S.’s PhD project and what Pro’s and Con’s have been found during the research applications.

Research on the Komodo Dragons with Robert Irwin in the Australia Zoo. We had the Dragons run over force plates to measure some gait dynamics. Watch below: